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11 May 2009 @ 09:26 am
Please enjoy and comment on my new layout. Credits for the code go to: butterflybox 
Graphics created by me: darixhina 

Picture(s) used for layout credit to: www.itvxq.net

02 January 2020 @ 12:58 pm
Hello and Welcome to Yoochun is My Cake! Im so happy that you came because this is the first graphics journal of  darixhina. Here you will find wallpapers, icons, maybe some forum banners from me, and layouts.

All graphics post will be open for about two days then closed to friends only. (Sometimes it may take longer since I have a bad memory lucky for ya'll)

Here Are the Rules!
1. Please comment if taking
2. Credit when possesing
3. Wallpapers can be used anywhere as long as you credit
4. Do not edit my things and farm them off as your own
5. No redistribution of my works please
6. For Layouts, if you cannot get them to work on your page and even when i try to explain to you it doesnt work, you have the choice of letting me hack your page. Ive done this for other people. That means you give me your username and password to let me instal it myself. Dont worry I'm not a bad person who wants to destroy your things, but its your choice.
7. NO HOTLINKING (upload on your own server)
8.comments are love, they help me know you want more

That's about it. Im hoping to no have any problems with this, Im a very laid back person so any questions must go on this entry. Dont be shy Im nice ask my friends. Have fun looking at my things ^_^